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Technical Support

Our technical support team is here to assist you with any problems you may encounter. The team has developed a list of the Top Problems and Solutions shown below.

If this resource doesn't help you, we have instructions on contacting our technical support team near the bottom of this page.

  • Suggestions or comments?
  • Questions about our land documents?
  • Questions about this Board of Trustees Land Document System?
We're glad to get them! Please direct them to Wanda Mitchell, and thank you.

Top Problems and Solutions
Problem Symptoms Solutions
Printing a Web Page

When you print one of our pages with text on it, your printer cuts off the right side.

  • Set your printer to Landscape mode. On the printer window that comes up when you go to print, you will most likely be able to select between Portrait and Landscape. Portrait is the default, but selecting Landscape will orient your page lengthwise so it can hold the entire width.

  • For help printing document images, see below.
Windows 3.1

You are using Windows 3.1, and our web pages are behaving strangely (searches never finish, counties list never changes, etc).

  • Unfortunately, web browsers for Windows 3.1 tend to be old versions that don't support the functionality our site requires. We recommend upgrading to the current version of Windows and then upgrading your browser.
Printing a Document Image

Your printer won't fit the whole picture on one page of paper, or you have problems printing a GIF or TIFF format image.

  • For printing document images, we strongly recommend using our PDF format images and printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader (4.0 or higher). It's free. Download Acrobat Reader here.

  • Most browsers won't correctly print our GIF image page. Use PDF and Acrobat 4.0, instead.

  • Many TIFF viewers have problems printing TIFF images. Use PDF and Acrobat 4.0, instead.
Saving a Document Image

You try saving from your browser's File menu, and have unexpected results. Or, you can't figure out how to save a TIFF or PDF file.

  • GIF: Most browsers will let you right click on the GIF image to save.

  • PDF: Don't use your browser's File menu to save PDF images. Instead, click the small "floppy disk" icon on the Acrobat toolbar.

  • TIFF: Depends on your TIFF viewer. For recent versions of CPC View, right click on the loaded image and select Document, Save from the pop-up menu. For other viewers, check the documentation.

Contacting Technical Support
Please contact our support team at It will help them tremendously if you can include the following information in your e-mail message:
  1. A description of your problem, in as much detail as you can.

  2. The name and version* of your web browser (for example, Internet Explorer 5.0, Netscape Communicator 4.7).

  3. The name and version of your operating system (for example, Windows 98, Mac OS 9).

* To best help you, it is very important that we know your web browser's version number. If you don't know the number, go to your browser's Help menu and look for an entry that starts with About.

WebTV users: you won't have a version number, but it would be helpful if you could tell us if you have WebTV Classic or Plus.